Making the best of a bad ostomy situation

Many people end up with an ostomy surgery because something else has gone very wrong in their life.  Many people I know have an ostomy due to serious ailments and even cancer.  I honestly love how strong some of these people have been and are and who they have become by overcoming their issues and living with their current ostomy.

So many people have been helpful to me in getting through the psychological issues I had and have brought me out of the idea of being selfish into living a crazy full life.  I now try to emulate much of what I have learned from some truly great people who live with a stoma and rock their lifestyle to the fullest every single day. 

Part of being happy on a daily basis is simply having things in life that work.  If you have a stoma you want gear that works well for you and doesn’t hinder your day.  Talking with people they gave me lots of different brands of supplies to look at and chose what works best for my body.  Ostomy supplies came up many times and I ended up testing them out quite a bit. 

Well they came up a lot because of the Free samples that ostomy Supplies gives out.  This was a big help because being new I had lots of items and experiences to try them out on.  I saw so many people doing such awesome things that I didn’t believe could be done with a regular ostomy bag and in all honesty it couldn’t! So being a part of a group of cool outgoing people was a big help to me.

That is a great suggestion that I have and that is to find a group of people that have an ostomy and like the same things you do.  This is much easier than I ever imagined thanks to the use of technology and the internet.  I started off on youtube and just found videos of people doing things and getting tips on stomas.  From there commenting and getting on forums was a great way to learn and explore lots of different opinions, lots good, tons really bad!  But it was a great way to learn about how to interact and live a great life with an ostomy.  So even if you have a stoma due to a bad situation there is always hope and support from those who are going through it or have gone through worse! Reach out and find a friend!

Smoking and Ostomy

Lifestyles are simply that, lifestyles.  Everyone has a specific lifestyle they live and most of the time it is shaped by how they were raised and who they grew up with.  It is also important to note that who they are living with now can have a big impact on your lifestyle.  Now for some smoking is just part of life. 

It is widely known that nicotine is addictive and that it can become a permanent part of your life.  For some this is simply ok and not a big deal.  Smoking causes people joy in some instances and they would rather have it then be more healthy.  So what does this all have to do with an ostomy.  Well I am a smoker and also have a stoma.

Now you wouldn’t believe the things people will say when they find out you have an ostomy bag attached to you at all times.  Generally, I find most comments to be kind or at least well meant.  Then there will always be that one person whose opinion is more important than anything else. So if I have a cigar on me and they find out I have an ostomy some misinformed lecture seems to take place.  Yes, bowel or colon cancer can be a reason for a lot of stomas, but certainly not all.  And once you have an ostomy to me if smoking caused it, then well I am guessing what is going on may be worse than smoking or it simply won’t matter.  Honestly I find if you have the right gear, like Ostomy Supplies then you don’t really have that much to worry about or that much extra to do.

Well I enjoy a good cigar once in a while.  If it is the season opener of baseball season, then I like to drink whisky and smoke a cigar.  If I am going golfing with friends, then I do enjoy getting a nice cigar and walking the 18 holes in peace.  For this, is also a good reason to use ostomy Supplies for your ostomy gear, because they let you try out their products first. 

So I found the best stuff that works for me and allows me to walk 18 holes have a cigar and enjoy life.  Which is the whole point.  Don’t let someone else who is not in charge of your health tell you what to do about it.  The proverbial, “Karens” in life are simply not worth taking seriously.  You are who you are and your lifestyle is your own. Enjoy it, and maybe check with your healthcare provider and make sure having a cigar won’t cause you permanent harm.  For me it doesn’t, but I am not you!

Coffee and an Ostomy

This morning was just like any other morning. Well except that I am forced to be trapped at home due to the covid-10 pandemic.  So it is a little different, but I was thinking about coffee as I drink my morning cup of coffee.  It is part of my routine.  I wake up, let the dogs out, hit the bathroom and turn on the coffee machine. 

I am a little vague on what machine because sometimes its a pot or sometimes it’s a K-cup machine. To be honest I am not that picky when it comes to coffee as long as I have some.  Drinking coffee started at a young age but I really didn’t drink much until I turned mid 20’s and needed to be awake in the morning and fast. 

So I started by drinking it with sugar and creamer.  But as the years have gone on and my health has gotten worse I have started to simply drink it black.  Now having an ostomy causes a few questions that always crack me up.  Does coffee still do the same thing in the morning with one as it would without?  Well if you don’t get my meaning the average person who drinks coffee generally finds themselves on the toilet pretty quick after their first cup of coffee in the morning.  The proverbial mud butt.  Well that is indeed why I use ostomy supplies gear.  But in all seriousness yes, it is the same! It happens fast and in a rush. 

So it may just be my body, but i want a good seal on all my gear.  I tried a bunch of stuff starting out and there are lots of good companies and people willing to help. I ended up mostly using Hollister Ostomy Supplies for my gear because they let me try it all first.  So my coffee in the morning is still the same and the effects are still the same, but I don’t worry about it. 

Having the right equipment keeps me safe and from any intense leaks!  Nothing could be worse than a shart times 10 if you know what I mean.  And if you are offended, by me writing this, lighten up.  Try to have some humor in life because that is the best way to make it through difficult situations.  Or simply just funny situations.  Being, “PC” will literally ruin your life or the life of others, so be kind, have a laugh, and drink good coffee.

Urostomy Care and Appropriate Pouching System for it

What is Urostomy Care?

A urostomy is a surgery that is required when a patient has a problem in releasing the urine via the natural passage. It could be because of some kidneys diseases, infections, cysts in the urinary tract, infection in the urinary tubes, or any other severe disease. Thus, doctors perform the urostomy, they remove the diseased or dysfunction canals or area and make a new pathway for the discharge of urine. The surgeons fabricate this new track in the abdomen, called urostomy stoma. This opening collects the liquid waste of the body and passes it into a bag, attached to the hole, called the urostomy pouching system.

A urostomy always releases urine and frequently. A patient cannot predict or stop the discharge. Whatever you drink and eat, it affects the discharge frequency. Moreover, if you drink more water, you need to empty the bag, again and again, maybe three to four times in an hour. Merely, you cannot halt the release of urine; however, you can control your diet. You need to limit the intake of juices and drinks. You should drink simple water but make sure it is not cold. The temperature should be normal. Drink one glass of water in two hours. Do not drink more than this. Moreover, if your skin is dehydrating, then consult your WOC nurse and the surgeon. Do not start intaking too many juices and other liquids.

Apart from the diet, a urostomy person needs to look after the stoma edges and peristomal skin. A patient cannot ignore the signs of bleeding and mucus coming out of the opening. You will feel these ingredients in your pouch while emptying it. Moreover, it will also cause pain and irritation; thus, you need a doctor’s support and help.

Many urostomy patients have a complaint about the wounds in stoma and rashes on the peristomal skin. This is because of the unhygienic routine and carelessness. When the surrounding areas are not dry and clean, they cause a sensation, burning, become red, and in some severe cases, they create wounds. The same is the case with the hole, people do not wash the stoma and use medicated wipes or antibacterial soaps; therefore, it starts building mucus, injuries, and cuts. Thus, a vigilant diet, a clean and hygienic care pattern, and the use of right pouching are necessary for a healthy urostomy life.

Pouching System for Urostomy Persons

When a person has urostomy surgery for the first time, he/she assumes that every pouch is serving the same purpose. However, there is a variety in the ostomy pouching system and a patient needs to pick the right one according to the type of ostomy operation, size and shape of the opening, and frequency of the discharge.

Every bag is not appropriate for the urostomy stoma. Well, there is a one-piece ostomy bag, two-piece ostomy bag, drainable ostomy bag, and discardable ostomy bag.

A urostomy patient should always wear a drainable pouching system. As you need to empty it again and again; therefore, it is easy to use. Moreover, use an odor-free plastic bag. Use wipes and gel to clean and dry the peristomal skin. Moreover, a urostomy patient cannot handle the disposable ostomy bag. It may start leaking or create problems while removing and changing. However, a patient will have to empty the bag after every hour, dries the peristomal skin, and replace the pouching system after every two or three days.

When it comes to intimate life, sports, exercise, swimming, and other physical activities, a urostomy person needs to wear a stoma belt to control the leakage. Moreover, it secures the entire pouching system and makes you comfortable during running, cycling, or any other activity.